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“This one, I swear there’s a call or a text every ten seconds. Don’t they know that plane was a sealed-up tight flying bomb? I’ll feel a hell of a lot better when that battery finally goes dead.“


“ I tried to conceive immediately after I got married. But I didn’t get pregnant until I moved to the city. New York is a very special place. I wouldn’t raise her anywhere else.“


“ The typewriter is the best way to get to know New Yorkers. We just volunteer to write. We’ve typed up love poems, want ads… Allen’s written resignation letters for people. Sometimes we just offer haikus to people on the street. Once I typed someone’s suicide note. “
“ Why did you do that? “
“ Because he was afraid to write it himself. “


“I love it here. Why would anybody dislike working among the dead? They’re not exactly a threat. If you ask me, it’s the living you need to be afraid of. Besides, if anyone in the fridge gets out of line, I have these.“


“So much for open-toed shoes…“


“This is our first family vacation in almost three years. We’re seeing Wicked tomorrow. Logan’s aunt won’t stop raving about it and she insists it’s better on Broadway. But I think all Logan wanted to do was see the lights and signs in Times Square. No wonder this is the city that never sleeps!?“


“Is he sick?“
“I don’t know. This happened this morning too. His scalp looks bruised. And wet.“
“Do you need help?“
“I don’t know.“


“We can handle colds or viruses. The matching masks and sunglasses ward off bad karma and harmful spirits.“


“A lot of the vendors’ stuff is fake, but every piece you see here is real silver or silver plate. Or what’s left of it, anyway. I’m practically sold out!“
“How many pieces do you usually sell?“
“On a good day? On a good sunny day? A dozen maybe. Eighteen, tops. The smaller items always sell the fastest, but today I’m out my entire inventory! I’ve never seen anything like it.“
“Why are they selling so fast?“
“I have no idea. I’m keeping this one, just in case.“